Monday, 31 March 2014


I find myself planning ahead as much as i can for different eventualities. Perhaps my colon cancer does not respond and the prognosis is death and perhaps a painful one where I rely on my girlfriend to wipe my bottom. This is unacceptable to me.

perhaps something like this is useful.

a nitrogen gas cannister.

in a confined space, nitrogen gas should make for good way to die. It should have enough gas to displace the air within a confined space and so achieve death by asphyxiation. And because it is nitrogen, and not co2, I won't, if this method is employed feel a choking sensation - the atmosphere is nitrogen based so I will just fall asleep.

Then the question comes, where to do it? Should I say goodbye to loved ones, and how to do this - or would they do their best to try and prevent me? Is it therefore acceptable, morally(?) to self euthanase without telling anybody - They may feel cheated from the opportunity to say goodbye.

A sensible place to do this, would be in my tent like plastic greenhouse on my allotment - its a nice pretty place - or should be after i've been able to put my stamp on it (only just taken it over) and when somebody came to retrieve me, they would not likely face similar fate? outside the greenhouse is open air, and opening the flap should fix the air from inside and out, so a person wouldn't collapse, or if they did, they would soon revive. Of course I must put a note outside to caution people. It just seems a painless sleepy way to go.

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