Friday, 20 February 2015

Cancer fear makes me enrich others?

Pondering the different supplements i take, supplements i hope contain/slowdown/help chemo against my colon cancer.

Of more focus now with chemo still suspended due to lack of weight, my body remains physically weak following surgery through december.

these appear to have some scientific basis

there does seem to be lots of stuff out there that may also have some impact, and perhaps taken all together there are hopefully multiplier effects - for example - i've recently taken to drinking dandelion tea - which i rather like. Turns out, if one googles, dandelion tea and cancer, theres some positive buzz on the net about it.

so its cheap and may affect some cancers, and i like the taste of it.

Some of it seems a bit unscientific - like bitter apricot kernels, which i also like the taste of. There is talk of them being effective against cancer, but also being effective at killing you anyway. Some argue that cancer cells metabolise the poison faster than ordinary cells. It is a strange one, with advice from government health authorities as suggesting consumption of only a very small number of kernels daily as safe, whilst cancer sufferers seem to be taking x10 or more that number, or claim to be on the internets, without dying from that.

This sort of thing has influenced me, hopefully not adversely.

I wonder about other possible supplements too.  example, Skullcap - i've not taken any of this stuff yet, but have it in powder form that i may mix into some of the things i eat and drink.


also, parallel to supplements - FOOD, i'm starting to get a bit concerned about that again now - now that my weight gain has brought me back towards healthy BMI from being terribly, dangerously underweight.

Also, i take fucodian and berberine, the latter which apparently has some anti sancer effect on its own as well as assisting one of the drugs I should be having if on chemo. plus a few other things. Hoping they help and that i'm not merely enriching others from futile desire to live.

I find some of the other things interesting too, testimonials! carrot juice? carrots are cheap, but i'd need to buy a juicer.

and on the other hand, i find myself interested in breaking the law regarding cannabis due to talk about cancer being cured by CBD oil.

also, must remember:

Garlic and Ginger - these seem to have some sci basis:

i find the easiest way to eat raw garlic is to mix it with cheese - so that can be cheese butties are finely chopped clove sprinkled lately on melting cheese on toast - i imagine that retains benefit of fresh garlic.

for ginger, i think tea is probably best.

Monday, 16 February 2015

COMRADES, our national anthem, is wrong.

It must be better if the anthem was entirely secular and for the people rather than for one individual who lives separate from reality.

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Why do I want to live, and atheism.

good news, you don't have to die when you die, believe in Jesus and you are saved. I think that is quite insidious and makes people frightened when they start to sense their mortality waning. And keeps them in fear and awe of a false god all their lives.

But the fear compels them to breed, and spread this insidious, false, good news as far and as wide as possible.

Although teased by results and possible actions against my bowel cancer, possible new treatment in general approved use and maybe some possibility of drug trials - i am dying.

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