Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Why not make electricity myself?

So I've started project George

work in progress:

Gone for a vertical axis design for ease of construction. On another evening after work I will place more spars to mount the induction coils. In B&Q I spied a L shaped metal bracket with some holes about the size of a wheel bolt on a bike and thought I might be able to put two of those L's together to make a sort of U shape - which is what I've done. All screwed in place, simple construction.

The configuration of the 'blades' is triangular so should be stable too. Then I mount the coils and start testing to see what sort of power output I might get. That will let me consider if its worth investing further time and effort into the project. Its a bit becalmed at the moment, but if the wind picks up and I see that it looks like it can generate 10 watts or so, then that is a useful amount, 8 hours of that and when I'm not at home could generate significant amounts of energy to move me away from grid dependency.

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