Thursday, 29 August 2013

USA vs Russia vs Iran vs Saudi vs Alquida - Syria

A bit Complicated

Our dear leaders ponder action against Syria for its use of chemical weapons, but I wonder about the wisdom of such action.

Apart from the fact that Assad is perfectly capable of killing thousands of civilians with or without chemical weapons, why should chemical weapons demand a military response?

It seems like a complicated mess

The tory lead government, call him a copper bottomed this and that: But I for one, am glad that we have an opposition leader who is demanding that the government put evidence first, and stay within the confines of international law.

The way the coalition has petulantly thrown away its toys on this issue is an utter disgrace. If it is true, that there are governments, overseas, who think Ed is weak etc, etc, then those governments need to change to our alignment, not the other way around. Maybe there is a case for military action, but that case has to be made. It is not for the opposition to give a blank cheque with such high stakes.

We must remember that Syria has become a proxy battleground for Iran, USA, Russia, Saudi, Alquida influences. It is complex enough that any action we take will achieve nothing but more bloodshed. There needs to be more thought about this.

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