Thursday, 20 October 2011

Wind Powers Variability, is also used as an excuse against dealing with fossil fuel problem

already, compressed air storage is a commercially tested technology that is being developed further.

you then normally say, oh but it needs natural gas to keep the pressure up during decompression.. ..yeah, but it doesn't - if we go much greater scale of storage, then the decompression rate is low, so the cooling problem doesn't exist...

In the future:

..and underwater storage method doesn't suffer from that problem at all.

graphene base super capacitors.

Smart Meters and a pervasive internet already exists. variable pricing for high and low demand has been tested in some other parts of the world and has effectively moderated demand to supply.

The above technolgoes, already tried and tested.


if storage runs out,

Fire up the gas generators

and then you lot always say simply, isn't that expensive?

the answer is, yes, but not as expensive as paying for the gas all the time.

Windpower capital expensive, fuel cheap
Gaspower capital cheap, fuel expensive


if we have a significant energy storage infrastructure, then backup power can be provided by simply having a number of nuclear generators in the mix and upping the price on the meters..


alternatively we could just accept brown outs, were industry benefits from cheap energy when its available, and has a holiday when it isn't.

This is already in use for some major industrial users.

We should avoid allowing investment to be directed to the useless Shale Gas option and be confident with wind power. In any case, we don't really have to worry about variability of wind until it reaches 20% or more of generating production, because daily variation in demand is much greater than what wind varies by on a day to day basis.

Shale Gas, not a good step. Wont work.

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