Monday, 24 October 2011

Delingpole's Fan Club

Koche, the same people who fund the libertarian tea party, have also been funding a mischievous study into checking the facts about global warming. To try to answer the echo chambers myths about shoddy placement of weather stations, etc.

Suspicious of reality - climate deniers sought to fund some science of their own to resolve the question of the dataset slurred by an anti-science media campaign.

And this is what they found: No difference.

more here:
Climate Deniers - Do Science and Find Science was right first time round

my comment:
Until before BEST findings, climate deniers used to try to say the world wasn't warming..
..and that don't worry - an imagined iris effect will prevent the earth warming even if it is.

Now that their own funded science has show that there is warming, then the hypothesised iris effect* -summarised below- must be weak, as if it was strong, there would not be the warming confirmed by the Berkley Group. Therefore, they've lost one their excuses.

so Climategate was a lie. And they've all been involved in spreading myth.

its hilarious watching them self destruct.


Suddenly some climate deniers have been trying to claim BEST was invalid because its not peer reviewed... now that they suddenly accept peer review, one needs only point them to the fact that peer reviewed science says warming is human forced... now they're in some sort of weird feedback loop of self destruction, the torygraph's Delingpole doesn't care about peer review, he says so, you can watch him on youtube blasting the conspiracy of peer review..

*Iris Effect

In a desperate attempt to deny human forced global warming - there is a psuedoscientific hypothesis from the SteadyEarth line of thinking, were the earth, simply must be stable.

So.. ..The sun warms the seas, the seas evaporate to make clouds, and the clouds blot the sun out. So that is a hypothesised mechanism to control temperatures.

Unfortunately the earth turns, and its never been clear if such an effect was strong, what is stronger? the clouds keeping the heat in at night, or the clouds preventing some of the sunlight heating the earth by day? But that, heating earth by night, is not mentioned by such advocates of iris effect.

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