Monday, 21 February 2011

I make a response to Norman Tebbit finding me amusing on his telegraph blog.

This is my Comment:

I like blogs like these, they are a wonderful soap box.

My second favourite living tory, Norman Tebbit is finding me funny. So we're all getting something out of this. And sometimes laughter in the apparently absurd is a good thing. Maybe in the subconscious superior ideas can still live and breathe in a mind that is anti-left? who knows.

But my favourite living tory of all, Michael Hezleltine spoke really well on our Great European Union on question time last week.

Great minds think alike, or he had been reading my blog posts? To Maximise Sovereignty you have to Share Sovereignty.

Ideas like that. Anyway, our european union, the centre of the world as far as the economy, human rights, and international justice is concerned tends to grow in relative economic power over the decades.

It is now the worlds largest economy, almost the same size as China and the USA combined. With economic power comes influence.

So obviously, our good values of how to govern, of how to run society will become stronger as other powers in our near neighbourhood become the weaker.


as for socialism and freedom going hand in hand. When Norman Tebbit was in government, the tories privatised a large swathe of our economy to finance thatchers bizarre economic experiment which failed

With commanding heights socialism, the government can rightly be held to account for the performance of strategically vital sectors. Now they are at arms length - a sort of welfare for shareholders yet cannot be trusted to run themselves without lots of active regulation.

When they privatised theses strategic sectors, our democracy was devalued.

To put into context the thatcher era:

And the only reason why she got in was because energy prices destabalised the world economy including the labour government in the 1970s

what thatcher did do, is destroy inequality:

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