Monday, 22 December 2014

The good news is that my massive tumour has shrank a bit according to my oncologist. But there is a lot of bad news.

a lot of complications have come at once.

CT scan revealed blood clots on lungs, so have had filter inserted through grown into a vein to catch any more clots likely to get stuck in the lungs.

I've been bleeding a lot and have had one emobilisation - this involved ct-angiogram injection of dyes and insertion of clot creating coil to block off an arterial supply to the tumour thought to be responsible for most of if not all the bleeding. it was a very sci-fi like operating room with huge screens and robotic like equipment suspended overhead.

but lately after a period of little to no bleeding from the back passage, it has come back full force, possibly due to the immediate start of clot busting drugs to get rid of the clots in my lungs.

now though, yet another complication, possible fistula, orange pee, and brown noticed, doctor felt it looked like fecal mater so looks like my bowels are somehow emptying into my bladder.

best website i could find on this, and treatment which might mean stoma:

I suspect i will be in hospital over xmas. this is sad because due to my terminal diagnosis, this is possibly my last xmas.

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