Monday, 25 August 2014

2nd line chemo about to start

in response to my prognosis of 18 months to live. my bookish sister amongst other things, got on amazon and had books delivered to me.

One was a really good book, anti-cancer which seems really positive, written by somebody who had just 12 months or so to live. And beat it/contained it, with a mix of diet and lifestyle changes + conventional therapy.

an example of an interesting highlights - green tea sensitises cells to radio therapy. Mushrooms reduce the growth rate of many cancers, some foods stimulate the immune system as does exercise. All this sort of thing combined I hope tilts the balance towards the cancer shrinking.

chemo begins on wednesday.

as far as anti-cancer food is concerned - today i've notably had a shake with honey and cinnamon in it, cinnamon supposedly being a very strong anti-inflamatory and cancer requires inflammation to spread, quite a lot of garlic but cooked.

supplement wise, curcumin and selenium. the latter is said to boost immune system concentration of killer cells.

tomorrow for breakfast, i will probably reheat some veg curry which is heavy in spices which counteract cancer such as tumeric, hot peppers, cinnamon and other things. it is very tastey. could eat it every day.

So my cancer battle now feels like a real battle, one where i'm actively involved rather than passively taking the poisons. It is very important to feel that you have control over fate - there was an experiment on mice that was designed to induce sense of helpless in one group vs others and a control. The ones which felt they had control over their fate did much better having been infected with cancer cells.

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