Wednesday, 4 June 2014

pain ok now.

Pain is under control again, the morphine was having side effects that increased the pain - vicious circle: I had huge abdominal pain which turned out to be impacted stools we weeks worth of poo clogging up sections of my intestines.

I've been told that this sort of pain can be worse than childbirth. I cannot vouch for that being a man, but a woman told me it is.  Unfortunately morphine was being used to control my cancer pain, and that has constipation side effects. Not a pleasant experience, had a couple of finger up the bum exams, lots of laxatives that didn't do anything for days, and I learned how to insert my own suppositories.

When my bowels started moving again, I had the strangest sounds coming from my guts, vibrations too as liquid and faeces would suddenly push throw some region to another, and the whole thing at times sounded like bad plumbing, vibrating pipes, that I could feel in my diaphragm as well as sounds like the gurgling of a bath when the water has gone down.

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