Tuesday, 22 April 2014

chilling on last day before chemo cycle 2

just reminding me self what i did today.

was a bit tired today, it rained, fell asleep, cancer pain wasn't too bad - i think taking regular laxative helps a great deal as it is thick stools passing my partial blockage which causes the agony that this mix of tramadol, paracetamol, ibuprofen doesn't have much effect against.

Before the afternoon came, I messed about with some of Jakes Lego, thinking towards project george 2, i want to make a separate air core alternator for wind power type projects.

then had a nice sleep in the afternoon whilst it continued to rain.

Knowing that I'll have a chemo bottle attached to me for the next three days, I wanted to go down the allotment despite the weather, but after my nap the rain had stopped, i donned my waterproofs anyways because its nice to be able to kneel and sit on the ground when necessary without getting soggy.

I did manage to get done all that i intended to, but forgot to put some labels down so i'll write it hear so i do not forget.

looking back to the sheds from the greenhouse:
the kestrel potatoes on the left are to benefit from companion planting as suggested by the book uncle john got me - chamomile and peas. I'm a bit unsure about peas, as they grow quite big and not so sure i want to shade my potatoes so much. I have decided not to let that happen by either chopping them or just letting them crawl everywhere, or maybe getting them to hang from a net or string a foot or so high.

the kestrel potatoes on the right will benefit just from chamomile.

the book suggests chamomile has three benefit, but the one the potato needs the health improving benefit chamomile is said to generally impart. - and peas grown with potatoes supposedly increase yield, improve the soil quality and nutrients available to the potatoes.

it will be interesting to see what happens in the end.

Also planted radishes next to Jakes plot after applying a bit of semi-no till - only digging out the invading grass, not aggressively turning over the soil.

i planted mustard at the very back in otherwise waste part of my plot, behind the greenhouse.

in the mixed bed of cabbage, strawberry, garlic and rasberies, i also sowed camomile.

going to be interesting when stuff starts actually growing. this weeks rain should help and when chemo bottle is off, be nice to see some changes to the plot :-)

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