Tuesday, 3 July 2012


5 stars.

A film which had a clever pun and a valid political economic commentary. What if we lived in a world where as we say, "Time is Money" was literally true?

A world were the currency is Time, and when you run out of time, you are dead. The poor in the slums worry constantly and have little spare time. They run to get from A to B whilst billionaire immortals saunter through the centuries.

It seems to have many paralleled with the world and its terrible social inequity. The film paints a picture of many living on the edge, day to day with little margins.

Justine Timberlake as factory worker, Will Sallas is aware of and explicitly states, "There is enough to go round"

Meanwhile, a state apparatus is cold to the unfairness of such inequity, defending the rich as they manipulate the system to their ends. One must surely be reminded of the Bankers, masters of the universe and the phylum of other associated elites who sit as near untouchables as people starve. 

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