Monday, 26 September 2011

BBC How to kickstart the British Economy The BBC, which I think is Biased towards the Right at times sees only a subset of possible policy responses to our slow and stalling economic growth.

Listing, printing money, borrow and spend, stoking inflation, red tape, cutting taxes.

Seems to ignore the role of subsidy, collectivisation, tariff barriers (External to EU) and Energy Policy and infrastructure not to mention the Utility Penalty created by a wide gap between rich and poor.

Cable sees parallels with a war situation.
Post world war 1, the UK failed to recover under a very right wing trade and industrial policy.

Post world war 2, the UK recovery was dramatic. And that was driven by aggressive borrow and spend into energy + infrastructure projects and soaking the rich. Right up to 1979 the debt as a % of GDP fell after Clement Atlee's shock therapy.

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