Wednesday, 17 August 2011

National Political Service

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500 years before the Common Era.

Greece operated a form of democracy which may inspire us in how to improve our own.

Demarchy - sometimes called Jury Selection, has many advantages over our established system. By randomising those embedded in the structures of power. Systematic corruption cannot take hold. And citizens who find themselves drafted into political service have a personal interest in making the right decisions as soon enough - they will be back amongst the general public from whence they came.

Upon a foundation of Demarchy, we would find ourselves represented by walks of life. A random cross section of the public, will together hold vast collective knowledge of how society is actually run. And we already largely believe in it - The role of Jury in criminal cases is considered necessary to safeguard the system from corruption.

Could we have the same in the government as well as the Judiciary? Could we have the house of parliament switched towards Demarchy?

There are a host of options for example:
A elected leader who drafts laws to be debated and voted on by a new demarchic parliament.
A parliament based on demarchy which from itself, puts forwards a cabinet.
The system as it is, but with 5% of MP's augmented with randomly selected citizens.

In addition to central government. Branches of government exist throughout the nation, so the scope of National Political Service could over the years involve a significant portion of the citizenry.'_jury

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