Tuesday, 2 August 2011

My favourite blogger James Delingpole has highlighted the issue of trolling.

Its quite good in its irony: http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/news/jamesdelingpole/100099194/seven-types-of-troll-a-spotters-guide/

His entire blog is a Troll blog where he attacks his betters from his limited understanding whilst enjoying a sort of celebrity. No matter what bile he writes, he has loyal fans to say, right on. This cannot be balanced for an individual?

These are the trolls I encounter a lot:
Filibuster attempts to influence the forum simply by holding the floor. His monotonous hectoring and prodigious output of verbiage rapidly clears the field of other Warriors. - lots of cut and paste.

Ideologue are conservative and liberal. Smug and self satisfied in their certitudes, Ideologue's opinions are merely a loose collection of intellectual conceits, and e is genuinely astonished, bewildered and and indignant that his views are not universally embraced as the Truth. He regards the opposing point of view as a form of cognitive dissonance whose only cure is relentless propagandizing and browbeating. The conservative iteration of Ideologue parades himself as a logical, clear thinker, while the liberal version trumpets his higher level of mental, spiritual and social awareness. - perhaps I am a left leaning Ideologue.

I think complaining about trolling is normally just whining. most people, even degenerate climate denier libertarians who post amongst the stupidest nastiest political stuff on the net do so because they imagine they are crusading for a just cause by spreading honestly felt, though false ideas.

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