Sunday, 14 August 2011

GOOD News Comrades. Every Day

GOOD News Comrades, Every Day life gets better.

Dreaming of the future.

It is now 3 years on since the 2017 revolution securing a return to socialism in Britain. Progress continues. Each year we are reducing the GINI index towards our 5 year target.

Already as a result, production rises in line with expectations. We are about to embark on further modernisations.

From now on, the United Kingdom will be a nation where ideas concerning technology can be freely put into practice or improved as we withdraw from the imposition of intellectual property obligations. Socialism has prevailed over the ruling classes.

Tax reforms which create favourable conditions for companies who pay their staff more equal wages has encouraged a surge in productivity as co-operatives begin to unleash the true human potential of the citizenry. Soon enough, it will not be such a struggle to regain wealth gained by elites via the tax system.. ..because businesses which are more co-operative in nature, with flatter pay structures will grow and replace the hierarchies.

It seems our strategy to harness market forces to destroy inequity are bearing fruit. As per theory, the structure in prices is improving. We edge towards greater abundance of needed goods: foods, essentials, housing costs, normal cars are falling in cost as near unobtainable luxuries - super sports cars and other preserves of the elite have become far more expensive: This is because the rising economic power of a single homogeneous class fixes the price signals problem and eliminates the Utility Penalty.

And today comrades, is a great day. We declare independence from the financial system. We are issuing a new currency. An energy backed hard currency.

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