Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Reform Property Rights

Call for UK to withdraw from IP laws?

Intellectual Property is justified to be an exclusive reward for those who come up with new content for entertainment purposes, or with regards to patents; new technology.

The profit motive should encourage advances.

What if a major economy such as the UK decides to break with international trade laws on IP? There would be tit for tat - but we are a major economy. So large that many trading partners might follow suit.

IP laws favour super corporations over small tech companies. And are used to hammer pirates. Piracy being a mass activity, we socialists should not continue to ban it. And so should adapt. clearly we still need to create decent content. So we would have a small extra tax to make up for what we think the average person pays out of their pocket currently for entertainment. It is just a different way of paying.

get rid of patents. Then any company can exploit foreign technology for UK needs and export (to nations relaxed about adhering to international ip laws) because we're a big economy, its likely we can help break this open.

pharmacutical companies will now be able to produce cheap drugs here which will benefit our citizens and citizens abroad alike we would export to.

We will gain trade enemies. But the pressure as a major economy we can impose might force others into our alignment. And that is definately a left wing direction:

To maintain research without the lock in of IP laws. the worlds major economies will have to raise taxes in order to fund research. This should be more effective as big pharma is driven by advantage of most profitable treatments wereas the nation states will want real cures and utilitarian outcomes.

And likewise for other areas of the economy. Companies may still obtain a patent like advantage, but only through industrial secrecy and first to market.

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