Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Debunking Daniel Hannan - his worship of Ronald Reagan.

Here I comment on his constant yearnings for higher interest rates.

Daniel Hannan, another of the Telegraph's libertarian conservatives, recently posted about how Reagan was the solution to our problems.

"How to shrink the state? Copy Reagan"

I think it is very easy to debunk this with facts. And I did. I wrote in response,

Copy libertarians, and you wreck the nations finances.
Reagans Wreckenomics savaged the United State's fiscal stance.
He was even worse in some ways than Thatcher. 


And these libertarian-conervatives which seem to have infiltrated our politics and private media space all seem to live under this fantasy that unregulated-market economy is the way forward.

We've now had 30 years of it. As an experiment we should be able to draw conclusions.

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