Monday, 1 November 2010

The debate about global warming.
its getting a bit weird.

I've been active in online discussions since 1998. And I've noticed a number of changes.

Ultimately, It might be a hangover from the cold war. And not all the players fell with the soviet empire.

When the soviet empire fell, dictatorial communism died as a force in the world. But it takes two to tango: 

both communists and ultra-capitalists were willing to wage, if necessary, nuclear war over how the world should be run. And happily funded conventional wars and insurgencies elsewhere on what should be a student union debate.

happily the soviet empire collapsed - but the libertarian-conservatives and their free market fundamentalism, it is still with us today. Their think tanks now spread deception concerning the science behind global warming, as they defend their 'free' (unregulated) market world view. 

Perhaps in the past we had in Europe, a balance of power from outside competed and neutralised one another. Leaving europe largely free of either extreme political tendencies?

We had the free press, and NATO's enemies didn't But now,
the telegraph, the dailymail and others can no longer be trusted. True independent media is in retreat. 

I wonder that our democracy is under threat ironically from the free press.

  • Global warming is the most important foreign policy issue our nation and other nations face
  • Yet the general public has doubts because the media has failed to properly explain the absolute science position, rather than the filtered version.
  • As the largest part of the free press appears to be failing the general public - then are they now a threat to democracy?

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